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Sexy naruto shippuden girls

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After that she confessed to him that she loves him that was truly stupid and I laughed when naruto reject her.

Report to Moderator Franticly searching for the Log Out option. Lesbian orgasm oral sex. The DiamondDust Rebellion, Bleach: Be civil and respect your fellow redditors Harassment, any kind of hate speech, personal attacks and insults, verbal abuse etc. She was in the beginning not depicted a the main heroine, that's ok, but Kishimoto had big plans for her, because a love affection she has for Naruto sinds the beginning of the manga and the anime series as far as we know it, they understand each others pain of not recognized by other people and want to chance it.

Sakura did a false confession just to free Naruto from the burden of his promise to bring sasuke back because she knows Naruto is in danger She looks like a male but she is actually a female. Sexy naruto shippuden girls. Legend of Korra, Avatar: She knows her strengths and weaknesses.

Sexy naruto shippuden girls

It is also very amazing how she could summon those extremely powerful beasts. You don't see her bitching about the kyuubi she's my favorite character and at least she can kickasses!. Her best friend is You want the Swimsuit outfits? You must be logged in to post. I vote for Hinata all the way. Sure, all she uses is weapons. I though kishi was a pervert, what happened to that? She manages to deal with Lee and Gai effectively, looking to them as family.

Kurinai is pretty women. Tits on young girls. In the anime and manga, Sakura is a kunoichi affiliated with the village of Kushina is the most beautiful character in Naruto She should be the number 1 She was the second host for the nine-tails and nobody knew except for the 4th hokake and the 3rd hokage and her son Naruto as well I've always felt that kushina is the most beautiful character on naruto. As for her and Naruto.

Submit a new text post. With her flute she can do almost anything - Narutomaster V 21 Comments. There are lots of heroes that don't have dark past Karura is awesome imean she was one of the best mothers on the series.

Report to Moderator The sports genre has finally got up and kick some ass. Plus, you can't help but go 'Aww' at her and Neji's It just happen that their way of showing love is different. She wanted naruto so bad she wanted him to have her kids and her clothes is see throught. Kurenai yuhi whats under those bandages yum.

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She looks real hot in this screenshot, and the size of her She is awesome and stronger than Sakura will ever be in her entire life.

Konan is amazing, beautiful and very strong, so is Sakura, to me, you disagree? Naruto submitted 2 years ago by jorvaskr2. Kelly andrews naked. Kaguya yeah that's right I said it. I'm just realizing it now too She is unafraid to speak her opinions and unlike the other female characters, she serves as a formidable opponent in battle against her enemies in the Naruto series; has there ever been a time where Temari is depicted as weak or useless?

Then Jiraiya leaves them, saying that they will do great things in the future. She deserves a place on the section because she has to deal with konohamaru all day. I see Naruto in her so much. Ino is pretty good looking too, also shizune and sakura. She was a war orphan when she was really young, but she found yahiko and then nagato also known as pain. She is totally hardcore!

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Unlike Sasuke and Naruto, she can't push herself at all! My favs are Ino and Hotaru. Sexy naruto shippuden girls. Ino is beautiful, but she is not weak! I feel good that Hanabi is the Hyuga's heir now, because if Hinata won the fight, she wouldn't have gotten the time to spend with naruto and the others. Hot mature women with big tits. She is the perfect package so to say.

And I don't like the way they degrade her That how much she cares and loves him. Do not feed the trolls. Chibi Sasuke's Sharingan Legend. She also has super strength and the top stats in the data book when compared to every other female in the series. If only they weren't twenty years apart, then those two would be perfect.

She put on her big girl panties and told Choji and Shikamaru to man up. Talk about a MILF, damn! Bonds - Tsunade is a fictional character in the anime and manga franchise Naruto created by Masashi Kishimoto. When I see a pig all I see is bacon

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I vote for her because of her strength, at the same time her beauty, her eyes are very attracting to others that she almost look like a princess no matter what you guys said about her, I sincerly wish you guys could acknoweledge her strength. Not to mention she's super strong and she has great "coconuts" if you no what I mean.

To be honest, I think she's underrated since she died and was hardly mentioned. Also I really wish there were more fanfiction of her because she is amazing! Kurenai yuhi whats under those bandages yum. Kirstie allsopp tits. Www big tits black Swagyolo added Shiina Mashiro Sakurasou.

Temari is very strong and beautiful she should be higher she is so underrated. Sexy naruto shippuden girls. The best are inos purple after Armor break and mei and meis is like, The only cleavage one too. She's the reason why the 4th Ninja War started, arguably the largest of wars, and why the attack of the Nine Tails started.

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